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Access 2020
Access First
Ai Squared
Benchmark Technologies, Inc.
Berkeley Access
Beyond Sight
Blazie Engineering
Braille Jymico
Digital Equipment
Dragon Systems
Duxbury Systems
Enabling Technologies
Ferguson Enterprises
Focus on Vision
Frontier Computing
Henter-Joyce, Inc.
HumanWare, Inc.
Lorien Systems
Microsystems Software
NanoPac, Inc
Productivity Works
PulseData International
Quantum Technology
Raised Dot Computing
Seedlings Braille Books for Children
ShrinkWrap Computer Products
Sighted Electronics
Syntha-Voice Computers Inc.
VOILA Technology
Xerox Imaging Systems

  • Access 2020:
    Home of the Internet Braille Wizard. They produce braille publications, labels and business cards using the latest in computerized embossing technology. Tel: (800) 563-0668 Fax: (613) 224-3480
  • Access First: provides sales, training and support for the sight impaired, print handicapped and learning disabled community
    250 Davisville Ave. Suite 205B,
    Toronto, ON M4S 1H2 Tel: (416) 489-9919 Fax: (416) 489-6693
  • Acrontech Intl., Inc.
    Manufacturer of Innovative Solutions and vendor of the Personal Organizer Software with calendar, checking, address book, calculator and more. Demo available. Acrontech Intl., Inc., The Williamsville Executive Center, 5500 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221
    Toll Free 1-800-245-2020 Tel: (716) 854-3814 Fax: (716) 854-4014
  • Ai Squared Makers of ZoomText... the world's leading screen magnification software
    P.O. Box 669 Manchester Center, VT 05255 USA
    Phone: 802-362-3612 ~ Fax: 802-362-1670
  • AMASS Assistive Technologies Solutions: Vocal-Eyes, ZoomText 5, Cintex2
    AMASS System Inc., Edmonton, Suite 1310, Midland Walwyn Tower, Edmonton Centre
    Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2Z2 1-800-92-AMASS Fax. (403) 944-2995

  • Arkenstone: reading machines to talking GPS-based personal locators
    1390 Borregas Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA
    1-408-752-2200 or 1-800-444-4443 Fax: 1-408-745-6739

  • Berkeley Access Macintosh and Windows access software
    2095 Rose St. Berkeley CA 94709
    (510) 883-6280 - Fax: (510) 883-6270 - TTY access (510) 540-0709

  • Benchmark Technologies, Inc. is the manufacturer's representative for Arkenstone reading machines with DECtalk speech, Celexx closed circuit television systems, GW Micro speech access products (the Vocal Eyes people) and Henter-Joyce (the Jaws for Windows people). Check out their Access Central Information File Menu. Email: Voice 217/688-2620 Fax 217/688-3001

  • Beyond Sight, Inc.: to enhance the independence of blind and reading impaired people through adaptive technology
    26 East Arapahoe Rd. Littleton, CO 80122
    Tel. 303-795-6455 FAX 303-795-6425 BBS 303-795-8598

  • Blazie Engineering Braille 'n Speak, Braille Lite, and the Braille Blazer.
    105 East Jarrettsville Rd. Forest Hill, MD 21050
    (410) 893-9333 - FAX (410) 836-5040 - BBS (410) 893-8944

  • Braille Jymico: production of graphics using raised contours and musical texts in braille.
    110, 51st Street East Charlesbourg (Quibec) Canada G1H 2J9
    Tel: (418) 624-2105 Fax: (418) 624-0994 Modem: (418) 624-0987

  • Digital's Dectalk: Text-to-speech synthesiser info (authorized vendor listing)
    DECface, a talking synthetic face: - the visual complement of the speech synthesizer DECtalk.
    Emacspeak --A Speech Output Subsystem For Emacs:- speech output system for UNIX systems

  • Dragon Systems offers a full line of multi-lingual speech-recognition products
    Dragon Systems, Inc. 320 Nevada Street Newton, MA 02160 USA
    Phone: 1-800-TALK TYPE or +1-617-965-5200 FAX: +1-617-527-0372

  • Duxbury Systems: Braille Translation Software software on MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh, Unix and other systems.
    435 King Street, P.O. Box 1504 Littleton, MA 01460 U.S.A.
    Tel. (508) 486-9766 - Fax. (508) 486-9712 - BBS: (617) 767-5964

  • Enabling Technologies Company: the world's leading manufacturer of Braille embossers
    3102 SE Jay Street, Stuart, FL 34497 USA Phone: 407-283-4817 Fax: 407-220-2920(Our Area Code is changing to 561, beginning 5/96 & completed 5/97) Phone toll free in continental USA: 800-777-DOTS (3687) Fax toll free in continental USA: 800-950-DOTS

  • Ferguson Enterprises Suppliers of computers and many access devices. Prompt service on repairs.
    104 Anderson Avenue Manchester, SD 57353-5702 Voice: 605-546-2366 FAX: 605-546-2212 E-MAIL:

  • Focus on Vision - FOV is certified by the Texas Commission for the Blind to instruct in DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 using screen enlargement, speech, & tactile adaptions.
    PO Box 150069, Arlington, Texas 76015-0069
    Voice: 817- 572-3135 Toll Free Phone: 800-786-3789 FAX: 817 561-6900
  • Frontier Computing is a major supplier of blindness products in Canada.
    250 Davisville Avenue, Suite 205 Toronto, Ontario M4S lH2
    Tel. (416) 489-6690 Fax (416) 489-6693

  • Henter-Joyce, Inc. - makers of JAWS and JAWS for Windows. Netscape macros are available. Download demo software and upgrades via their FTP site at
    2100 62nd Ave. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33702
    BBS: 813-528-8903, Compuserve: 3rd Party H: Henter-Joyce Forum

  • Humanware, Inc: Providing information, low vision products and products for people who are blind. A variety of adaptable technology available. Free local consultation. Free Catalogs and Brochures. Free Newsletter and Publications on "How to, "Eye Care issues" and more.
    6245 King Road, Loomis, CA 95650
  • Lorien Systems: Software for Dyslexia, Disability and other special needs-including TextHELP for Windows (integrates predictive typing, speech, real time spell checking and text magnification)
    Enkalon Business Park, 25 Randalstown Road,
    Antrim, Co. Antrim BT41 4LJ Northern Ireland
    Tel.(+44) 0 1849 428105 Fax:(+44) 0 1849 428574

  • Maxi-Aids is one of the largest distributors of products for people with Special Needs. They have several thousand of high and low tech products for daily living.
    Toll free at 1-800-522-6294. Email

  • Microsystems' HandiWARE: a family of adaptive access software solutions that includes screen magnification, word prediction and keyboard alternatives
    Microsystems Software, Inc. 600 Worcester Rd., Framingham, MA 01701
    (800) 489-2001 or (508) 879-9000 Fax: (508) 626-8515

  • MicroTalk: a small, independent software publishing company specializing in innovative solutions that let blind people effectively use the PC with speech synthesis. MicroTalk Products Dealers: Automatic Screen Access Program/Automatic Screen Access for Windows 1-903-832-3471

  • Productivity Works: pwWebSpeak, a speaking Internet browser compatible with Sound Blaster
    7 Belmont Circle Trenton, New Jersey 08618
    Tel: (609) 984-8044 Fax: (609) 984-8048

  • PulseData International Limited is a designer and manufacturer of leading edge technology for people who are visually impaired. Its product range includes speech synthesizers, computer programs and talking notebook computers for blind individuals, and closed-circuit television (CCTV) reading systems for partially sighted individuals. For information about Low Vision products, contact: PULSE DATA INTERNATIONAL INC.
    2860 West Ina Road, Suite 108 Tucson, AZ 85741U.S.A.
    Phone: 520 297 6565 Fax: 520 297 3872
    Email: Sales@PulseData.Com
    For blindness products contact: Humanware, Inc.

  • NanoPac, Inc: Technology for Independence since 1988. NanoPac is a supplier of Voice Recognition systems for anyone who wants hands free operation of DOS, Windows or Windows '95.
    4823 South Sheridan Road Suite 302, Tulsa, OK 74145-5717
    Tel: 918-665-0329 Fax: 918-665-0361

  • Quantum Technology: An Australian company specialising in the development, manufacture and distribution of technology solutions for people with vision impairment.
    Post: PO Box 390, Rydalmere NSW 2116, Australia
    Tel: + 61 2 9684 2077 Fax: + 61 2 9684 4717

  • Raised Dot Computing MegaDots and other braille translation products
    408 South Baldwin St., Madison, WI 53703
    800-347-9594 or +1-608-257-9595 Fax: 608-257-4143

  • Seedlings Braille Books for Children is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to providing high quality, low-cost Braille books for children. From Contemporary Literature to well-loved Classics, Seedlings offers over 270 low-cost Braille books for children ages 1 to 14!
    P.O. Box 51924, Livonia, MI 48151-5924
    Phone: (800) 777-8552 FAX: (313) 734-8552

  • ShrinkWrap Computer Products: Dealer and consultant for accessible computer technology for the blind and print handicapped.
    11706 Saddle Crescent Circle Oakton, VA 22124-2342
    Tel: (800) 377-0774 Fax +1 (703) 620-4641

  • Sighted Electronics Providers of computer systems and adaptive technology for the blind and visually impaired
    464 Tappan Road Northvale, NJ 07647
    1-800-666-4883   201-767-3977 Fax: 201-767-0612

  • Syntha-Voice Computers Inc.
    304-800 Queenston Rd. Stoney Creek, Ont. Canada L8G 1A7
    Phone: (905) 662-0565 Fax: (905) 662-0568
    Customer Support BBS: (905) 662-0569
    Ordering Hotline: (800) 263-4540
    E-Mail: Help@Synthavoice.ON.CA

  • TeleSensory: World leader in providing technology equipment for visually impaired people for over 26 years.
    P.O. Box 7455 Mountain View, CA 94039-7455
    Phone: 1-800-804-8004 (U.S. & Canada) or (415) 960-0920 for international
    Fax: (415) 960-9064 - BBS: (415) 335-1819 and 335-1820 (300-14,400,N,8,1)

  • VOILA Technology, Inc. "The Voice Access Company."- access information by using voice input and/or output technologies
    54 Castle Road Rochester, NY 14623 Voice/FAX: (716) 321-1451

  • Xerox Imaging Systems
    Xerox Imaging Systems, Inc. 9 Centennial Drive Peabody, MA 01960
    Phone: 800-248-6550 or 508-977-2000 Fax: 508-977-2148

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    John Hernandez, Media Coordinator
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