ACCESS-ABLE Newsletter

Issue : Vol I Number 3 (06-Mar-1998)

Last Update: Monday, 29-May-2006 06:13:15 PDT


TRAVEL TIPS - When traveling finding accessible transportation in an
unfamiliar city can be very challenging.  One often overlooked option is the
paratransit.  For those of you not familiar with paratransit it is a door to
door accessible service that must be provided by any city in the US that has
a public transit system.  It is available to passenger that are unable due
to disability to use
the normal public transit system or in many cases it is more broadly
available when the regular bus or train system is not yet fully accessible.
The hours and advance notice requirements vary widely from city to city so
make sure to check it out in advance. 

 If you are eligible to use paratransit in your hometown, you are can use
the paratransit in any city in the US by just sending them proof of
legibility.  Even if you don't make use of paratransit at home it might be
worthwhile to establish your eligibility to make use of it when you travel.
If you reside outside of the US and are disabled this service is also
available to you.  Just contact the
public transit company located in the city that you will be visiting to and
ask them for an application.  Since processing can take several weeks make
sure you start well before your trip.


SENIOR NET - the Internet's largest source of information for the over 50
age group, is a place that seniors can go to when seeking information
relevant to their lifestyles,  The difference between Seniors Search and the
major search engines. is that every page is relevant."

The Seniors Search directory of 60 categories and 100 sub-categories is a
reflection of this groups ever-broadening interests and can be found at


                        UPDATE ON OUR WEBSITE

This months FEATURE TOUR is on San Francisco with side trip options to
Yosemite National Park and an accessible wine tasting train ride through the
Napa Valley. Find out where to stay, how to get around and even what not to

Be sure to check out the WHAT'S NEWS PAGE!!!  There you will find
information a couple of great accessible Mexican accommodations.  One is a
bed and breakfast and the other is a beach front villa complete with an
accessible ATV for those excursions up and down the beach.

Also found on this months What's News Page is a travel tip for low cost
accessible transportation in most cities of the US.  Plus there is
information on a new book that lists accessible transportation for large and
small cities across the country and even some rural areas.  

If you know someone who wants to work in the travel and hospitality industry
and has a disability be sure to read about the NTO's Tony Orlando Yellow
Ribbon Scholarship.  It's a wonderful opportunity and they will be taking
applications until April 15, 1998  You will find all the details on this



WE MAGAZINE - the new disability lifestyle magazine that premiered last
summer has done a great job on their website.  If you have not seen it or
been there in awhile you might want to check it out it.  It's really grown
and even has a page that's called access reports.  They cover a variety of
locations and will be adding more.  It's not the fastest loading page I have
ever seen but is worth the wait.

OSANEWS - (The Online Resource for Active, Healthy, Independent Living)
This site is taking the place of the print publication One Step Ahead
Newspaper.  Content changes monthly and it covers a variety of topics
including recreation and travel.

INSIDERS GUIDE TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - This is not a new page but has evolved
to offer a wide variety of information about Southern California including
great access information in each category. This is not just about the major
tourist sites but offer option of all kinds of thing to do.  This site
covers it all from museums and theme parks to hiking trails, nearby
getaways, restaurants, accommodations and beaches.




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