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Issue : Vol I Number 6 (08-June-1998)

Last Update: Monday, 29-May-2006 06:13:15 PDT

A FRIEND IN CYPRUS - Chris Neophytou who has been wheelchair bound for the past
8 years, with a disorder called Freidriechs Ataxia, would like persons with
disabilities to be able to enjoy his lovely homeland, the Isle of Cyprus.
Chris is not a travel agent or a tour operator, but has done a great deal of
traveling himself.  This along with being a wheelchair user has given his an
appreciation of how important accurate access information is.

Chris can provide you all sorts of access information on accommodations,
transfers, attractions and anything else you may need.  He has put together
a Webpage at (HOT)   but he
states "On my web page I do NOT provide a lot of information because I am
sure you know, that there are many different types of disabilities
warranting different responses. If somebody wishes to travel to Cyprus I
will provide  the appropriate information depending on his or her request."
You can reach Chris at: (HOT)


PALM SPRINGS ACCESS GUIDE - The city of Palm Springs has an access guide
available.  It over good detail on access or 10 accommodations and it also
describes access to area attraction.  The guide is free.  To get a copy
contact Palm Springs Tourism Division, City of Palm Springs, P.O. Box 2743,
Palm Springs, CA 92263.


FEATURE TOUR - This months feature tour page is a little different, it covers no
particular destination but presents some options on travel that most of you
have never even thought about.  It's all about hostels.  When you hear the
term Hostel, does it conjures up the image of college students, on summer
break, trekking across Europe backpacks and all?  Well you are in for some
big surprise.  Learn all about today's hostels and whose using them.
Hostelling is not for everyone, but if you find budget accommodations and
the opportunity to meet travelers from around the world appealing,
hostelling  just might be for you, even if you are a wheelchair user.  We
now have over 200 hostel that offer some degree of accessibility, located in
a wide range of countries
listed in our database.



OAK GROVE PLANTATION - Check out this great Bed and Breakfast located in 
Virginia.  Great for a quiet weekend or an active vacation.

27 at fox Hollow Golf Course in Lakewood, CO and July 28 at Saddle Rock Golf
Course in Aurora, CO.  Pairing a disabled player with a able-bodied player,
this 140-participant Tournament has become a premier event in Colorado,
stressing abilities rather than disabilities.  Cost of the Tournament is
$140 for ADAG members and $180 for non-members.  Includes entry fee, cart,
two Continental breakfasts, two lunches, and the Awards (Get the complete
details on our site.



Improvements are being made in rail travel for persons with disabilities
both in the US and other countries..  Although not perfect with proper
planning it can be a great way tosee the countryside.  Most major railroads
currently have Webpages and some even have access information, but it can be
obscure and hard to find.  Here are a few that we tracked down.

VIA RAIL - Canada's official railway has access information, to find it go
to the index and click on special services special services

EUROSTAR - Train service between London and Brussels or Paris, plus
connections for other Rail Europe trains.  The access information can be
found by going to the index page and clicking on special services.                     

AMTRAK - Various routes covering all of the US.  Are you ready for this.  At
the bottom of the home page click on questions, then click on answers to
general questions.  In the center section you will see references to
travelers with disabilities.

GERMANY - So far they get the prize for making the little information they
have for travelers with disabilities difficult to find.  To reach it from
their home page first I clicked on English (for obvious reasons) then click
on International Guests, then click on services sand finally click on

FRANCE - From the home page, click on English, then France & International, then
products and services, under services click on disabled.




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