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Issue : Vol I Number 12 (06-December-1998)

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                   ##### SEASON GREETINGS TO YOU AND YOURS #####
                     ##### FROM ACCESS-ABLE TRAVEL SOURCE #####
Ozark Ticket & Travel is a full service company dedicated to helping
individuals, families and groups discover the wonders of Branson and the
Ozarks.  Now with their newly formed division they have extended their
services to travelers with disabilities.  They can see that all your
special needs are met from accessible accommodations to reservations for
wheelchair seating at shows.  If transportation is an issue they know
what's available and can make the arrangements for you.
Their Friendly and professional preservationists will help you find the
show tickets, attractions, restaurants and provide directions to everything
you'll want to see.  When you check into your hotel your tickets are there
and you can relax and enjoy the great entertainment!
To reach their special needs planners call Sheila Lowther or Jerry Luedtke
at 800-233-7469 ext. 241 or email them at They look
forward to serving you.  Ozark Tickets & Travel, P.O. Box 7076, Branson, MO
65615.  Web site:
TRAVEL BY TOUCH, LTD - SPECIAL OFFER - This unique company, based in Los
Angeles focuses on the travel needs of persons with limited or no vision
and their companions and is dedicated to raising public awareness of those
needs. Although this is their main focus they also can make travel
arrangements for travelers with other special needs. It was founded by
Flora S. Beck Ph.D., who is herself legally blind as a result of macular
degeneration, and her husband, Barry Weintraub a retired college professor.
Both members of the CAB/ABC Greater Los Angeles Chapter.
SPECIAL OFFER - Travel by Touch Ltd. invites you to join your friends on a
three night cruise July 9th-12th 1999 aboard the luxurious MV HOLIDAY.
Special rates available for clients Travel by touch LTD./Revel Travel
Service. Special air add on rates are available.
For more information call or write Flora Beck or Barry Weintraub at
(310)-473-0653, FAX (310)-473-8975 or toll free outside Los Angeles
1-888-TOUCH55 (868-2455) or Revel Travel Service, Cruise Department. Phone
310-553-5555 or 1-800-227-3835.
MEDICAL - The emergency evacuation company of the Caribbean is much more than
the name implies. With the concept they call Total Access, Medical
organizes stays in St.-Martin, French West Indies, for persons with limited
autonomy, or have special needs.
The ambition of their team, which started its activity in July 1991, is to
place at the disposal of elderly people, the physically disabled, ill or
injured people, their medical equipment and total professional competence.
Total Access combines to tourism a medical presence, which enables persons
with limited autonomy to visit and appreciate their island. The aim of
Total Access is to offer the opportunity to spend a pleasant stay in
Saint-Martin, thanks to the high quality of adapted services offered.
Medical can accommodate most any special need from accessible lodging and
transportation to medical equipment and personnel They can arrange
activities such as sailing, scuba diving, deep sea fishing and water
sports. So get your luggage ready and join them, with Total Access, anyone
can escape.
For more information contact:  medical, P.O. Box 5109, 97071 Saint-Martin
Cede. Phone: +590.29.04.04 - Fax: +590.87.17.27  Email:
Web site:
guide (formerly named, A Guide for Physically Handicapped Visitors to Hong
Kong) is now available. Information in this Guide is based on surveys
between the summer of 1997 and early 1998.
The scope of this new guide has been extended to cover more public venues
of interest than the previous edition. In addition to the substantial
information of transport facilities, it covers consulates and visa
services, hotels and hostels, banks, restaurants, shopping arcades and
malls, cinemas, libraries and museums, performance and entertainment
venues, parks and country parks, recreation and sport venues, places of
worship, convention and exhibition centers, government office and public
Although the book does use symbols for access, a list of the criteria used
to determine access is included in the guide. To get a copy you can
contact: Joint Council for Physically and Mentally Disabled (Rehabilitation
Division, Hong Kong Council of Social Service), 12/F Duke of Windsor Social
Service Building, Henry Road, Winch, Hong Kong. Phone: (852) 2864 2929 Fax:
(852) 2864 2962 Email: or call the Hong Kong Tourist
Authority Brochure Center at 800-282-HKTA (4582)
region guide to UK hotel access for everyone and sponsored by MasterCard.
It was launched the last week of October to support the 50 million people
with disabilities within the ECU, 36 million of whom are able to travel.
All Go! has been compiled using the mystery shopper technique of
telephone conversations with personnel from every hotel in the country. The
directory only profiles hotels and hotel restaurants (not bib's, inns etc.)
which can provide rooms for those with disabilities, even at short notice.
Besides the hotel information each region begins with an information page
including other useful publications and resources available.  It is the
only directory of its kind to be compiled by a wheelchair user, disability
consultant Jonathan Aye, who has spent the last 2 years devising and
developing the project.
All Go! is endorsed by a number of other charity partners including: Scope,
Age Concern and The Stroke Association. Costing 4.95, it is available in
bookshops in the UK or from the publishers, BIG Group on tel:0171 383 2335 or
THIS MONTHS FEATURED TOUR - This month's page is a little different.
Instead of covering just one travel destination in detail, it covers many
destinations all with the same theme, SKIING.  Some of the areas make great
getaways and offer lessons for all sort of adaptive ski options. They can
even offer advise on accessible accommodations and transportation in their
areas.  Others are geared more towards skiers from their areas, but are
great to
find out if the sport is for you. They also enable you to be ready to hit
the slopes on your ski vacation.
Carol Randall
Access-Able Travel Source



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