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Issue : Vol IV Number 2 (10-February-2001)

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VOLUME IV   NUMBER 2  (February)

                    SATH AnNOUNCES NAME CHANGE

The Society for the advancement of Travel for the Handicapped announced
their new name at their Fifth World Congress for Travelers with
Disabilities and the Mature. The occasion was also the society's 25th
anniversary and time for some changes.  According to Laurel Van Horn,
Executive Director of SATH, "We wanted to keep the acronym SATH, because it
is recognized worldwide.  So the new name will be the 'Society for
Accessible Travel and Hospitality'. It conveys our involvement with all
branches of the tourism industry while eliminating the outmoded word
handicapped."  Van Horn went on to say,  "We hope that those individuals
offended by our former name will now come on board as members and help us
build a new future together."

However, the name change was only one of the highlights of the Congress.
There were over 300 delegates from more then 13 countries present.  As away
there were panels made up of representatives from cruise industry, hotel
industry and air carriers.  They brought us up to date on new devolopments
in their respective industries.  The air carriers had the largest number of
carriers represented including several who had not previously attended.
One of the exciting developments that several air carriers announced was
the installation of electronic signboards at gates to keep passengers,
including those who are deaf up to date on boarding and other relevant

One of the events that is always enjoyed is a Luncheon by the pool. It was
capped off by the Keynote Speaker form the Office of the General Council,
U.S. Department of Transportation, Blane A. Workie, Attorney.  Ms. Workie
gave the group an update on the laws and changes, as they relate to
travelers with disabilities.  For more information about SATH you can go to
their web site at



Gite Toutes Saisons a new waterfront log home B&B opened in May 2000 and is
already developing a reputation as the most relaxing seashore haven in the
Maritimes.  Built by Phil & Barbara Thibodeau as their retirement project,
they have taken great care with access.

Visitors approach the home by a winding lane taking them away from the
street and cares of the days. Steps are available for those who prefer but
most of their guests prefer to experience the gently sweeping pathway to
reach the wood side porch. The main entrance, the office entrance off the
deck and the dining entrance on the seaside porch are accessible.

They offer 4 suites, one for each of the seasons. The Spring Suite is fully
accessible with 2 twin beds, roll-in shower, flex hose with mixing valve,
and redwood seat. The toilet is raised and the basin comfortable to use
while seated. Flexible lamps, a touch lamp, security nightlights and a
phone are included. The Summer and Autumn rooms are upstairs suites with
queen beds and balconies to the sea. Even the showers have sea views.
Winter, on the lower level, has two twin beds and features a warm air
bubble tub. All suites have ocean views but many visitors prefer the calm
view of the woods framed through the windows of the Spring Suite.

The Great Room with its stone fireplace stretching to the loft ceiling is
fully accessible. A CD collection is conveniently placed for all guests to
select their favorites. The owners happily display a collection of titles
from the loft library. Guests usually gather at the family table to enjoy
the abundant breakfast. The owners gladly serve breakfast on the porch,
weather permitting.

The telescope and binoculars are always handy to identify ships, birds, or
points on the Gaspé shore. In season, guests also observe the lobster and
scallop crews hauling their catches.

Guests often encircle a bonfire to enjoy the flames dancing on the tide.
The beach is accessible with a bit of assistance where the sand is deep or
rocks large.  Lightweight chairs are available for those who prefer to sit
amid the wildflower lawn and try to count the stars.

Local attractions that are also accessible include Atlas Park, with its
pavilion & deck next to Atlas Lake and the scuba diving center of the
Maritimes.  The world renowned Village Acadien, where visitors with
accessibility challenges are provided ramps in order to enter the
authentically restored buildings that trace the development of the Acadian
communities in the Maritimes.

For more information or reservations, contact Phil & Barbara Thibodeau,
Gite TOUTES SAISONS B&B, 10 rue des oiseaux, Pointe-Verte NB E8J  2V6.
Phone: (506) 783-3122 Toll Free Phone : (877) 621-2200 Fax: (506) 783-5584
e-mail :



Orlando, Florida November 2000, the American Automobile Association held a
three-day meeting at their National Headquarters.  The meeting marked both
an end and a beginning.  It was the end or completion if you'd prefer, of
three years of work to establish multi-level criteria for accessibility to
help their members choose accommodations and resturants when traveling.
The new criteria has three levels for mobility, one for dexterity, one for
those who are deaf or hard of hearing and one for members who are blind or
visually impaired.

To create a criteria that would serve all of their members, AAA held
numerous meetings throughout the US and Canada to get input from disability
organizations representing all types of disabilities.

As for the meeting also being a beginning, it was a training session for
the groups who were contracted with to do inspections in nine cities using
the new criteria.  The cities are Orlando, New York, Washington, DC, San
Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver/Victoria Island, Las Vegas and
Honolulu.   According to Andrea West of AAA National Publishing, the data
will be used in a series of access publications that will be available to
both members and the general public.  The first two of these publications
will be available in the fall of 2001.


                15 DAYS - APRIL, 4TH TO APRIL, 20TH

Fly into Faro, Portugal or Madrid, Spain where your medic/tour guides in a
wheelchair accessible minibus will pick you up.

You'll stay in a four star hotel at Andaluzia located in southern Spain.
The hotel is situated near the beach and is 100% wheelchair accessible. The
hotel rooms are spacious, well equipped with large bathrooms and some with

The group will visit Seville, Granada, and Sierra Nevada.  There will also
be some boat trips and barbecues to enjoy.  Your half board trip offers
delightful treasures of Mediterranean cuisine and includes all guided
sightseeing tours with accessible minibuses, entry fees, taxes, TVA and
tips.  The cost is $1,650 (double occupancy) but does not include airfare
to Spain.  A 10% discount is offer to members SATH, AARP and PVA.

For more information contact: Michelle Schauf, PromoTours, Schulweg 1 - D,
54531 Meerfeld, Germany Phone: +49 6572 2391.  Fax: +49 6572 929079


CORRECTION - In the January issue of What's News we told you about Two
springtime guided tours by Access Tours.  We inadvertently put in 2000
instead of 2001.  The correct information is as follows: The first tour
April 19-27, 2001 starts in Phoenix and takes in the Southwest's highlights
including Sedona, Arizona, Indian Ruins, Spanish Mission, Mexico and more.

The second tour May 6-14, 2001 starts out in Las Vegas and takes in the
Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.  Other stops will
include Hoover Dam, a boat ride on Lake Powell with its blue waters against
the red sandstone and Salt Lake City.

To get more information about these trips or other trips offered by Access
Tours this year contact: Clint Gross, Access Tours P.O. Box 499, Victor,
Idaho  Phone: 800-929-4811 Alt phone: 208-787-2338 Fax: 208-787-2332.


Last month we also gave you the following information about a Bermuda web
site, but neglected to give the URL.  I have included it here below.

BERMUDA ACCESS INFORMATION - This site is packed with access information
and resources. The Bermuda Physically Handicapped Association sponsors the
site. It is entirely for disabled people living in, or visiting, Bermuda?
A disabled journalist writes it as an official website, a fact-packed labor
of love.


FEATURE DESTINATION - This month we take you to Kansas City, located in a
part of the country that is often overlooked as a tourist destination.  You
will be surprised how much there is to see and do in the area.


Carol Randall
Access-Able Travel Source



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