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Issue : Vol IV Number 3 (11-March-2001)

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                        10 DAYS JULY 8-18th, 2001

This tour starts and ends in Dublin, with 3 nights based in Dublin, 3
nights based in Galway, and another 3 nights in Killarney.  All full Irish
breakfasts and dinners (3 course) are included.  There will be a pub night
in Killarney, and an Irish Cabaret night in Dublin with traditional music &
entertainment.  You'll do sightseeing in Dublin, Connemara, the Burren, the
Cliffs of Moher, Galway City, the Dingle Peninsula and Ring of Kerry.
There will be lots of time to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and warmth of the
Irish people along the way.  You will stay at 4-star hotels throughout that
are fully accessible. Transportation is on a luxury motorcoach with
wheelchair lift, air conditioning, and accessible bathroom.

Undiscovered Britain offers choices on the tour for those clients with
mobility problems.   For those you can manage on their own, either
independently or accompanied by a family member or friend, they provide
"basic care".  However, personal care or pushing of wheelchairs is not
provided on a routine basis. For those requiring some assistance with
personal needs or pushing of chairs, they offer a care package with a
helper who will assist you and others who require it. This is called "Share
Care", and is available at a reasonable extra cost. They can also provide
exclusive helpers for individuals for the duration of the tour, who will be
able to help with all personal care for you alone, as needed.

For more information contact Ann Litt, Undiscovered Britain 11978 Audubon
Place, Philadelphia, PA 19116.  Phone: 215-969-0542 Fax: 215-969 -9251
Email: or check out their web site at


                     CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA
                         MAY 20-25, 2001

Cape Town, South Africa has been selected as the venue for the SATH
9Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality) International Symposium.  The
joint announcement was made by Mira Berman, SATH Project Director, Phillip
Thompson Director, South African Federal Council on Disability, and Laurel
Van Horn Executive of SATH.  The five-star Cape Sun Inter-Continental Hotel
will serve as Symposium Headquarters and South African Airways and Virgin
Atlantic Airways will be the official symposium air carriers.  There will
be pre and post tours available.

For more information on SATH membership, Symposium registration, pre/post
tours contact SATH headquarters:  email; tel (212)
447-0027 or fax (212) 725-8253 or visit SATH on the Web at


                              ELK ECHO RANCH

If you are within driving distance of northeastern Colorado or passing
through on your travels, this is one stop you will want to make.  The ranch
is family owned and operated.  It has a large herd of domesticated elk and
some buffalo, which have two thousand acres to roam.  They offer year round
tours so you will have an opportunity to get an upclose look.  No matter
what the season there is plenty to see.  From May till July you'll enjoy
seeing newborn calves.  In August and September you will enjoy seeing the
whole hear with calves playing nearby.  Autumn starts the season of the
spine chilling mating calls of the bulls' bugles as they echo through the

The ranch not only offers tours by reservations, but is also a bed and
breakfast.  The peaceful log home has four sleeping rooms each with its own
private bath.  There is one accessible room on the main floor.  It has two
queen beds and the bathroom is accessible.  It has a tub shower combination
with grab bars by the tub and toilet.  The sink is accessible, but there is
no shower bench.  Both the dining and the great room are located on the
same floor and are accessible.  This is a very peaceful and secluded
location and about 30 minutes to the nearest restaurants.  The owners
suggests that you dine before you check in or you can make arrangements to
have a home cooked there.

For more information contact the McConnell family at Elk Echo Ranch, 42490
Weld County Road, Stoneham, CO 80754.  Phone: (970) 735-2426  Fax: (970)



Access-Able Travel Source is pleased to announce that thanks to Continental
airlines we will again be holding workshops for travelers with disabilities
each day of this year's Abilities Expos.

Since 1985 ABILITIES EXPO has provided people with disabilities, senior
citizens, healthcare and education professionals across the United States
access to the latest in products and services that can enhance their lives
and the lives of their clients and students.

Access-Able will share with you information on accessible destinations and
activities. Find out about crewing on a tall ship, going sea kayaking or
trekking.   How do you track down accessible B&Bs or home exchanges?
What's out there if you are on a tight budget?  Plus where to find the
resources you need including the nuts and bolts of planning an accessible
vacation!  This years presentation also has information on changes in the
laws and more tips for traveling.  The workshops are free to all Ability
Expo attendees.  If you would like free tickets to the Expo, just drop me a
line.  The first location is:

          New Jersey Convention Center
          Edison, New Jersey
          April 20-22, 2001

We would love to meet you, so join us at one of the workshops or stop by
our booth to say hello.  For more information and directions check out the
Abilities Expo web site.


Scoot Around North America is pleased announce their new program.  They are
now working with corporations and organization to meet the mobility device
needs of attendees of conventions, conferences and tradeshows.  In the past
the people have been left to attempt to arrange their own rentals.  Two of
the biggest problems with this are figuring out who to call in a strange
city and the lack of availability for the temporary increase in demand in
most cities.

Scoot Around North America, a company that has been renting scooters and
other assistive devices for several years, has solved this problem.  They
have several options that they can offer the promoter or organization
planning the event.  One of the most popular is, the promoter tells Scoot
Around what the demand at their meeting will be.  They will also promote
the service in their mail out literature.  Scoot around will secure the
units locally and from other cities if necessary.  The attendees will make
their arrangement with Scoot around and can pick up their unit right at the
conference.  To make it truly a win win situation Scoot Around will then
donate $10.00 for each rental to the charity of choice of and in the name
of the meeting planning organization.

They have worked with all size groups needing as few as seven mobility
devices to making arrangements for the Avon annual Convention to be held
this August 13-19 in Atlanta, Georgia.  According to Jackie Scoot Around's
office manager, "Avon was quite a challenge to arrange.  They required over
250 mobility units be made available.  In order to fill this demand Scoot
Around will be bringing in units from as far away as Florida and Texas.

For more information on how to rent a mobility device anywhere in North
America or how they can help with your next conference or meeting contact
Scoot-Around North America, 396 Furby St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B
2V5 Phone: 1- 888-441-7575 FAX: 204 772-6499


                        TRAVEL GUIDE FOR PEOPLE WITH
                            CHRONIC LUNG DISEASE

(San Diego) - The American Lung Association of San Diego and Imperial
Counties has unveiled a travel guide tailored for people with chronic
breathing problems.  the Better Breathing Traveler is a how-to-cope book
for local or overseas travel for anyone with conditions such as asthma,
allergies, or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).  "The traveler
may have to deal with shortness of breath and fatigue, or may need oxygen
all the time, but in any case this guide will be a vitalizing resource,"
said author Kathleen Sullivan Saling, Manager of Information and Referral
Services at the Association.

The guide has been reviewed by respiratory health specialists and by
individuals with lung disease and has been approved by the National Lung
Association for distribution throughout the U.S.

"People with chronic lung ailments often get discouraged.  They can benefit
tremendously from traveling to see new sights or visit loved one, but they
encounter anxiety and other barriers when they contemplate making a trip.
This guide can make the difference between sustaining a cycle of depression
and helplessness or exerting control over the situation," Sullivan said.

The Better Breathers Traveler offers checklists and tips for readers as
well as a long list of worldwide sources of travel and medical assistance.
Sullivan considers the tips on avoiding stress and fatigue to be especially
useful to the COPD audience, which is mostly made up of seniors.

The American Lung Association published a similar guide in 1995.  Sullivan
said the 2000 edition is light-years ahead of the previous edition.  "We
have stronger illustrations, web-based resource lists, and information on
new equipment and new travel options," she said.

The cost of the book is $10.00 plus $2.00 shipping.  You can send your
order to the American Lung Association of San Diego & Imperial Counties,
2750 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103 or fax credit card orders to (619)
297-8402 or if you have questions call (619) 297-3901.


This month's FEATURED DESTINATION is the "Big Easy" New Orleans.  Read
about its history, where the action is, what to see and how to get around.
Check it out at


Carol Randall
Access-Able Travel Source



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