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Then in few words

The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey supports people affected by epilepsy and produces a free of charge newsletter sent around the world.

Contact points

Name: Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey
Contact person: Laura Held
Address: 50 East State Street, Suite 212, Trenton, New Jersey USA 08608 ATTN: SPIRIT
e-mail: 74652.1434@compuserve.com

What they do

My name is Laura Held, and I am a social worker for the Epilepsy Foundation of New JerseyT. I print a quarterly newsletter for teens with epilepsy / seizures called "SPIRIT". The newsletter is free of charge, and is sent to organizations and teens to 22 countries around the world. Currently, it is printed only in English. I was hoping that you would help me to "get the word out" by letting others know of SPIRIT's existence. Teens can get on the mailing at no charge. My address is Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey, 50 East State Street, Suite 212, Trenton, New Jersey USA 08608 ATTN: SPIRIT. Thank you for your time and assistance.

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