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Televideo RAI for Disabled

Last Update: 08.01.1997

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blue ballPage 770 - Deaf [Italian] New information arrow
cyan ballPage 773 - Events Agenda [Italian] New information arrow
green ballA HREF=Page 777 - Under-titles on TV [Italian] New information arrow
yellow ballPage 790 - Blind [Italian] New information arrow
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For Deaf People

Title Page Description
Index 770  
Week TV 771  
Today on RAI 772  
Way to Say 773  
The Agenda [Italian] 774  
Sport [Italian] 775  
The Ear's Doctor [Italian] 776  
TV Broadcast of Subtitles 777 Sometimes even page 778

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For Blind People

Title Page Description
Index 790  
Electronic Newspapers [Italian] 791 Audio newsmagaziones, with reader.
Information from Unione Italiana Ciechi [Italian] 792  
Informative Form 798 MS/DOS users opinion poll.
FREEBOOK 744 Audio books, with reader.

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