The Information Society (Dis)Abilities Challenge (ISDAC)

Telework and Disability: Understanding and Action

Last Update: Monday, 29-May-2006 06:13:13 PDT

One of the Interest Groups formed with support from ETD,

 Telework and Disability: Understanding and Action 

is now developing:

The Information Society (Dis)Abilities Challenge (ISDAC)

The group is looking for expressions of support for their challenge and for
new participants to join their programme. If you agree that  now is the
time  to work on building a European Information Society in which people
with disabilities can fully contribute, please take a few minutes to send a
message of support to:

and please relay this message to others you feel may be interested.

If you want to participate in the development of ISDAC please visit the web
page ( where a draft of the
ISDAC Challenge is presented, and where you will find the link to joining
the Online Interest Group.

The short extract below will give you a flavour of what The Challenge is
about. Many thanks for your endorsement to this exciting initiative.

See for details.

Best wishes

Horace Mitchell
European Telework Development Initiative

Extract from The Information Society (Dis)Abilities Challenge (ISDAC):

 "We are at the beginnings of the Information Society, and it is now time to
make it accessible to all European citizens, the same way as new buildings
provide ways to overcome barriers in their design stage. ISDAC is a
challenge put together by people with disabilities (PwD) who believe that
full participation by PwD can and should be driven by PwD, with support
from society through the European Union and the Governments of the Member
States and from their non-disabled friends. We are challenging Europe and
its nations to make the Information Society fully accessible to people with
disabilities (PwD), and challenging people with disabilities to demonstrate
their abilities in an Information Society context by playing an active role
in building a fully accessible Information Society in Europe." 
 Information relating to Telework, Teletrade and Telecooperation can be
 found at the website of European Telework Online:
 Ian Simmins
 European Telework Development Initiative



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