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Emergency in Mozambique - News

Dear all, I am writing from Praia de Xai-Xai, a pleasant beach village 10 km away from the flooded city of Xai-Xai. I arrived here yesterday (Saturday 3 June), after a long journey that began last Thursday. Tomorrow I am beginning to work with my colleagues here. I hope I can send from time to time some photos, so that you can figure out what is up here.
In mpt_airview you can see Maputo centre from the air. The remaining photos were taken while I was crossing the 20 km wide limpopo valley, from Chicumbane in the west side to Xai_Xai in the east one. The road has been washed up in some parts and you have to walk or take a boat depending on the amount of water remaining. Then you have to take some kind of public transportation, in my case a vanette packed with some 20 people, so that once inside I couldnīt take more photos. Tomorrow I will visit the center of Xai-Xai, which is still unpopulated. You will see it.

Cheers / Guillermo

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