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Other Ad-hoc activities

Last Update: Monday, 18-Jun-2007 04:43:02 PDT

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In the next rows we list the other ad-hoc support activities that EVG (ESRIN Voluntary Group) has pursued.

red ball 2007
small red ball 04.06: Charity auction of ESA Laptops and Desktops News indication arrow (last updated on 18/6/2007)
small red ball 05.01: Charity auction of ESA Desktops - Final Update
violet ball 2006
small violet ball 19.12: Donation of 3 laptops to the IOR of Bologna [Italian]
small violet ball 16.12: Donation of cloths to the Homeless of La Goccia [Italian]
small violet ball 16.12: Donation of funds to the Family House of Rocca di Papa [Italian]
small violet ball 05.12: Charity auction of ESA Desktops - Updated on 11.12.2006
small violet ball 15.09: Donation of a laptop to the Children Oncological Hospital of Kiev [Italian]
small violet ball 07.07: Charity auction of ESA laptops and desktops
small violet ball 20.06: Donation of food to the Family House of Rocca di Papa [Italian]
small violet ball 15.05: Donation of VHS Tapes to Focolari's Movement [Italian]
blue ball 2005
small blue ball 15.12: Donation of 3 desktop to the IOR of Bologna [Italian]
small blue ball 20.10: Donation of toys to the Family House of Rocca di Papa [Italian]
small blue ball 20.09: Charity raffle - ESRIN Sport's Day
small blue ball 12.09: Sell for charity of EVC (ESRIN Video Club) Videotapes (Update: 20.09.2005)
small blue ball 30.08: PC for the reception house "La Casetta" ATS [Italian]
small blue ball 25.06: Insieme Project - A different day for people with disability and elder people - Updated on 08.07.2005 [Italian]
small blue ball 12.05: Water for people of Tanzania [Italian/English] (Updated on 25.04.2007)
small blue ball 05.04: Tsunami: School kit for a full year of a classroom in SriLanka
small blue ball 18.03: PCs for the Family House Fiordaliso [Italian]

cyan ball 2004
small cyan ball 25.10: PC for disabled children of Istituto Gulluni in Colonna [Italian]
small cyan ball 18.10: Funds for the provision of an outdoor rehabilitation area for Vivere Insieme [Italian]
small cyan ball 05.04: PC for Educational project of Children Neuropsychiatry (Ariccia's Hospital) [Italian]

green ball 2003
small green ball 03.07: PC for educational project: People with AIDS (Casa del Pino - MontePorzio) [Italian]



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