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The following list contains information on courses somehow related to disabled support.
Where possible the programme is included.

The information on this server come from articles, books or have been signalled by people. Since we cannot directly verify them, we provide them as they are, without any guarantee or responsibility on damages due to their use.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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red ball Students with DSA or disabilities: what aids University offers? [Italian] News indicator arrow
red ball "Laboratorio del Bit" - Informatics courses (Rome - Italy) [Italian]
red ball Cooperativa CILIS - Courses on Italian language of Signs (Naples - Italy) [Italian]
Coop. Cilis (Corso Lucci , Napoli, Italy) organises courses of LIS. A formal certificate recognised by MIUR is issued at the end of the course
red ball Architectural Barriers and Domotic Systems for people with Disability (Modena - Italy - 23-24.04.2004) [Italian]
orange ball Teaching foreign language / second language to schoolboys with special needs - Report to European Commission (DG EAC) (31.07.2004)
pink ball Master in Special Pedagogy: Designer specialised in integration/inclusion paths for handicap's overtaking [Italian] (Date to be defined)
yellow ball English Language Course for Italians, for people on wheelchair (Cambridge August 2002) [Italian]
green ball Over the Barriers - Master for Designing in compliance with people with disabilities (Milan 10.04.2001 - May 2001) [Italian]
cyan ball Project Horizon - Training for people with Disability (Brescia 10.04.2000 - 14.04.2000)
blue ball BSD - Didactics Software Library [Italian]
violet ball Milan: Professional Training Courses (May 1997)
Vento Sociale starts 4 professional training courses for disabled.
Those courses, funded by Regione Lombardia, will start in May and will be located in Milan. There are 20 available slots for people.
Information: Bookstore Il Giardino delle Idee (Largo Augusto, 8 - Milano - tel. 02 / )
From Il Corriere della Sera - Lavoro 21/03/1997
brown ball Firenze: Sign language Course (96/97) [Italian]
gold ball Afragola: Professional Training Course (96/97) [Italian]
red ball First Aid Course (28.04.96) [Italian]
orange ball Sign and Mimics Language Course (05.04.96) [Italian]
pink ball Informatics Course (05.04.96) [Italian]
yellow ball Courses on Learning Methods, Quick Reading and Mothods of Study (13.03.96) [Italian]



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