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In our intention it is a way to distribute useful information, to obtain suggestions and support and to help us in helping you.

One step at a time we will make it growth as we wish... for the time being please bear with us if something is not yet available.

Thank you and have a nice day.


cyan ball Job opportunities Indicatore delle Novità
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Job opportunities

cyan ball categorieprotette.it First portal for the recruiting on-line fully devoted to job offer for people fitting with Italian law 68/99 [Italian] Indicatore delle Novità
cyan ball Roma - Companion service for blind people [Italian]
cyan ball Province of Varese - Jobs for people with Disability [Italian]
cyan ball Piemonte - Jobs for people with Disability [Italian]
cyan ball Jobs for people with Disability - Province of Modena [Italian]
cyan ball Lavoro HandiCap Province of Padova [Italian]
cyan ball Brugnoni Fundation [Italian]
cyan ball Bender Consulting Services, Inc.
Consulting Firm located in Pittsburg (USA) employng people with disabilities: Lee Hassinger, Associate Research Assistant, Bender Consulting Services, Inc. - Penn Center West III - Suite 223 - Pittsburgh, PA 15276 - Phone: (412) 787-8567 - FAX: (412) 787-7178 - email: lhass@benderconsult.com
cyan ball LEH - League for the Integration of Handicapped [Italian]
cyan ball HandImpresa [Italian]
cyan ball POL.It - Job Opportunities Page [Italian]
cyan ball Regione Lazio - Jobs and Training - SIRIO Project [Italian]
cyan ball United Nations - Secretariat vacancy
cyan ball ROSS - Research Organization Selection Development [Italian]
cyan ball Collecting Telework Information for Disabled [Italian]
cyan ball European Telework Development Initiative - Telework and Disability: Understanding and Action
cyan ball Bancalavoro - Job Opportunities [Italian]
Shows opportunities for disabled and other protected people.
cyan ball Il Terzo Settore: No - Profit and the Ethic Bank [Italian]
cyan ball ASPHI - Access to Employment [Italian]
cyan ball CareerBuilder- Database of job offers
cyan ball Integrated Cooperative Consortium. [Italian]

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Useful books to help disabled to enter the world of jobs.

green ball Handicap & Lavoro. Criteri di valutazione ai fini della formazione professionale e dell'inserimento lavorativo [Italian]
M. Cannao , G. Moretti
Ed. Del Cerro, 1983
green ball Handicappati: l'inserimento nel mondo del lavoro [Italian]
F. Ravaccia
Ed. Patron, 1985
green ball Handicappati psichici e lavoro: un integrazione possibile [Italian]
E. Biolchini, M. Liverani, V. Valmigli (a cura di)
Ed. Del Cerro, 1987
green ball La capacità fisica nel rapporto di lavoro [Italian]
G. Loy
Ed. Franco Angeli, 1993
green ball Disabili, tecnologie e mercato del lavoro [Italian]
M. G. Giordani (a cura di)
Ed. Etas Libri, 1995

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Legislation to help disabled entering the world of jobs.

yellow ball Legge 2/4/68, n. 482 [Italian]
It's the most important one: it establish to the 15 % the percentage of protected people to employ into companies with more than 35 employees.
yellow ball Legge 11/2/87, n. 56 [Italian]
Establish the rules for the Jobs' market.
yellow ball Legge R. 27/4/91, n. 9 [Italian]
It's about the actions to support workers with job difficulties: incentives for new employements, local projects for new job positions, incentives for new companies...
yellow ball Legge 5/2/92, n. 104 [Italian]
Main law on the assistance, social integration and disabled's rights. Amongst the topics: prevenction of handicap situations; help in the daily life needs; protection (like rehabilitation-centers, creation of communities, integration in guided job centers).
yellow ball Delibera commissione regionale per l'impiego, Lombardia, 12/2/96, n. 476 [Italian]
To experiment job employement of disabled; an annual or bi-annual program.
yellow ball Autocertificazione [Italian]
Since 1997 the civil disabled must present before the 31 March of every year the Modulo di Autocerificazione. If it's not done, in order to identify false-disabled, Government will start immediate checks. To know which categories must do it, and what must be declared, call your own ASSL (Azienda Socio-Sanitaria Locale - Ex USL). Or contact:
yellow ball Law 381/91 - No Profit: Cooperative Sociali - Jobs for everyone [Italian]
yellow ball Laws for the employment of disabled [Italian]
yellow ball Revision of Law 482/68 - Laws for the employment of disabled [Italian]
yellow ball Law 12 march 1999 N. 68 - laws for the job rights of disabled people work [Italian]



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