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Disability - Research Projects

Last Update: Tuesday, 08-Mar-2022 23:04:42 PST

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This is a service created by volunteers of Esrin.
Our intentions are to find the way to distribute useful informations to get suggestions and support to help you and to help us.
In little time we hope that it will develop as we foresee for the moment we ask for a little patience if something is not available.

Should you require further informations do not esitate to contact me ...

Due to a performance reason we have provided you with a snashop of remote node lists. In some cases some of the pages have been slightly altered to comply with local working we regret in advance with the owners.

Thank you, have a nice day.

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blue ball Rights and legislation New Information Arrow
cyan ball Man - Machine Interfaces
green ball Work
yellow ball Information Services
pink ball Blindness
orange ball Specific Diseases
red ball Health and Medicine
violet ball Learning and Training
brown ball Others

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Rights and Legislation

blue ballSuperabilex From the Superabile site [Italian]
blue ballADA American Disabled Act New Information Arrow
blue ballCPSR Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
blue ballEASI Equal Access to Software and Information for Disabled

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Man - Machine Interfaces

cyan ballEASI Equal Access to Software and Information for Disabled
cyan ball Journal Header Reader program for the blind
small cyan ball Journal Header Reader program for the blind (loca copy 27.11.1996)
cyan ballTIDE Movaid Technology Initiative for the Disabled and the Elderly [Italian]
cyan ballTrace Center Trace Project - Unified Web Site Accessibility Guidelines
Local copy Ver 7.2 - June 1997 - Update 06 December 2017
cyan ballWAI Web Accessibility Initiative
small cyan ballWAI-TIES Web Accessibility Initiative : Training, Implementation, Education, Support
cyan ball Maia Project [Italian]
Free distribution of the Maia software
cyan ballWave Project - Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

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green ball European Telework Development Initiative - Telework and Disability: Understanding and Action

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Information Services

yellow ballIDIS Intellectual Disability Information Service
yellow ballSindrobase Database of clinic information for malformations [Italian]
yellow ball CABI Project Accessibility of Libraries on the Net - National Library Marciana of Venice [Italian]

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pink ball Sensor for blind people [Italian]
pink ball Viewer for blind people [Italian]
pink ball Journal Header Reader program for the blind
small pink ball Journal Header Reader program for the blind(local copy 27.11.1996)
pink ball Retinitis Pigmentosa - Artificial retina [Italian]
small pink ball local copy
pink ball The Blind and Visually Impaired SiteRing
The Blind and Visually Impaired SiteRing was designed to join together web sites that are run by, for, or about individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

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Specific Diseases

orange ball AIM Italian Association Mielolesi [Italian]
orange ball Iperlexia
orange ball Parent Project Research on Duchenne / Becker Distrophy
orange ball Italian Association for the Research on Deafness [Italian]
orange ballFuture without Thalassemy- Scientific Research Foundation - Florence [Italian]
orange ballOHSU Oregon Health Sciences University - Tinnitus Clinic
orange ballSindrobase Database of clinic information for malformations [Italian]
orange ball Talassemia Berloni's Foundation - Research aganist Thalassemy [Italian]
orange ballVEDA Vestibular Disorders Association - Portland
The Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) is located in Portland, OR. It is an organization providing information about vestibular problems including head trauma, Meniers disease and many others. This is a very caring organization with members in many countries. No one is turned away because of lack of funds. Documents are available in both English and Spanish. Also on tape for those who have problems with vision. Thanks to Michael Smith for this info
orange ballRick Hansen Research Institute
No-profit organization that provides funds for finding a cure for spinal cord injuries

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Health and Medicine

red ballDog4Life onlus Project "A dog for life" [Italian]
red ballEINET galaxy Disabled
red ball The Retinal Implant Project
red ballSindrobase Database of clinic information for malformations [Italian]
red ball University of California - ADHD - Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit [Italian]

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Learning and Training

violet ballCo.T.R.A.D. Social Coperative - Project Abilando [Italian]
violet ballMarsh Report to European Commission: Teaching a foreign language / second language to schoolboys with Special Needs [Italian]

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brown ballEuropean Campaign 1million4disability European Forum for Disability 1997-2007 [Italian]
brown ballURMAD Robotic Unit to Assist Disabled. [Italian]
brown ball Accessible landscapes
brown ball Concrete Change - An international effort to make all homes accessible
brown ball Project Disabili.com [Italian]
brown ball Equotel Project for Deaf-mute's access to Telecommunications [Italian]
brown ball Euroidea - Comune di Grottaglie - Companion Settings [Italian]



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