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Disability - Documents

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The following list is a set of files and references to files containing support information for disabled.
Their use is public, but is subject to copyright laws. In general this means it is possible to freely distribute them for personal use, but is not possible to publish them. Sometimes the documents themselves contains the copyright notice.
For these reasons, we include the source for each document we insert in the list.

The information in this server come from articles, books or reference documents located in other servers. Since we cannot verify each of them, we simply distribute them as they are, without any guarantee or responsibility on damages due to their use.

Thank you,have a nice day.

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blue ball Newsletters
cyan ball Magazines / Newspapers
green ball Articles / Documents New Information Arrow
yellow ball Legislation
pink ball Books

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blue ballCaring Communities - Newsletter Online
blue ballDiversity Business - Newsletter Online
Some articles refer to Business for people with disability (but not all)
blue ballAccess Able News Online
blue ballIndependent life News Online [Italian]

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Magazines / Newspapers

cyan ballDisability View
cyan ballMobility Build autonomy
cyan ballDisability Now
cyan ballFCLJ Federal Communications Law Journal
small cyan ballVol 47 N. 2 Technology-Related Assistance Act
small cyan ballVol 46 N. 3 National Comunication Infrastructure Initiative and the Electronic Highway Emergency - Missing Laws
cyan ball SPIRIT - Magazine of Epilepsy foundaion New Jersey
cyan ballwww.Deaf-Magazine.Org
small cyan ball(More Information - Local Copy 05.02.1997)
cyan ball barry@clark.net deafsportzine
small cyan ball( More info - Local copy 05.02.1997)
cyan ballFreely - Guide to a possible world [Italian]
Info : GPR :
Tel. 02 /
Fax 02 /
E-Mail: gpr.trans@iol.it
cyan ball Free wheel [Italian]
Magazine of the paraplegic association in Lombardia
Info : Tel. 02 /
cyan ball Accaparlante Periodical - Archives by subject [Italian]

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green ballIs Drug Addiction a Disability? New Information Arrow
green ballWhat Are Borderline Personality Disorders and Substance Abuse Disorders? New Information Arrow
green ball 4mm microchip 'allows' movements to a man with paralisys [Italian] (From: ITPortal - 19/7/2006)
green ball Useful information for deaf people [Italian]
green ball Knowing the Sclerosys Multipla [Italian]
green ball Stamina cells also against rethinitis pigmentosa ("Scienza e Tecnologia in Svezia e Norvegia" Magazine n.8-2004) [Italian]
green ball Italian language of Signs: new and old alphabet [Italian]
green ball Driving Disabled - A car for a life (From Quattroruote - 01/1996) [Italian]
green ball Driving Disabled - Burocracy, enemy No. 1 (From Quattroruote - 01/1996) [Italian]
green ball Research Update Impairment and Disability Profiles of Neuromuscular Diseases: Spinal Muscular Atrophy Types II and III (local copy 17.02.1996)
green ball Museums for Blind People (From Famiglia Cristiana - N.9/1996) [Italian]
green ball Hazelton area boasts new campground to service phisically challenged (From Smithers, British Columbia, Newspaper)
green ball API Active X for disabled: beta test. (From PCWEEK Italia N. 30 (17/9/96)). [Italian]
green ball Text to Speech software. (From PCWEEK Italia N. 33 (08/10/96))
green ball A In Parma, swimming and basketball for disabled (From Avvenire (04/10/96)) [Italian]
green ball A Journal Header Reader program for the blind
small green ball A Journal Header Reader program for the blind (local copy 27.11.1996)
green ball Making your WWW site accessible to disabled (local copy 29.11.1996)
green ball Information For and About the Blind (local copy 29.11.1996)
green ball The computer helps disabled to comunicate [Italian]
green ball People with Blindness [Italian]
green ball Electronics aganist dislessy [Italian]
green ball The Third Sector: No - Profit; and the Ethic Bank [Italian]
green ball AdaNet - American Disability Association - Census 2000: Counting America's Disabled
green ball Internet as Service for Disabled People [Italian]
green ball The Rethinitis Pigmentosa [Italian]
green ball Support Problems in Italian's School new legislation [Italian]
green ball Support Teachers - Activities, News and Laws [Italian]
green ball Moby Dick - Childrens with cerebral disease (29.01.1998) [Italian]
green ball ENEL - Electricity bill in Braille (28.01.1998)
green ball Telephone Bridge for Deaf (26.03.1998). [Italian]
green ball Sindrobase - Database of clinic information for malformations [Italian]
green ball Report on the Accessibility of University Web sites: Roma "La Sapienza" [Italian]
green ball Receptor KDR - News for thalassemic people [Italian]
green ball Aid courses and teachers - 2: An infinite story... [Italian]
green ball W3 Standard - UAAG10 - User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
green ball Cerebral Palsy

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yellow ballCar tax in Italy: free for peopel with disability [Italian]
yellow ballDisabilionline.Com Free legal Consultancy Portal for people with Disability [Italian]
yellow ballSuperabilex From the Superabile site : Laws and legislation [Italian]
yellow ballHandyLex Legislation for disabled [Italian]
yellow ballRights and Disabilities Databases
yellow ball American Disabled Act
yellow ball Section 504, Rehabilitation Act - 1973
yellow ballFCLJ Federal Communications Law Journal
small yellow ballVol 47 N. 2 Technology-Related Assistance Act
small yellow ballVol 46 N. 3 - Communication Technology Initiative and National infrastructures for telecommunications and Emergency - Lack of laws
yellow ball Disabled Benefits
yellow ball Handicapped Status Redefined
yellow ball Parking Permit for Disabled
yellow ball National Work Contract - Rules for Disabled and Relatives [Italian]
yellow ball Law 39/1989: Architectural Barriers [Italian]
yellow ball Laws for the Jobs [Italian]
yellow ball Law of Italian President 27 April 1978, n. 384 - Rules fo deploy the law on disabled art. 27 of L. 30 March 1971, n. 118, regarding architectural barriers and publi transportation [Italian]
yellow ballARCH - Advocacy Resource Centre for the Handicapped
40 Orchard View Boulevard, Suite 255
Toronto, Ontario M4R 1B9
Tel. (416) 482-8255
Fax (416) 482-2981
yellow ballCFDA CFDA - Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance - Disabled and Handicapped Services Local copy (17.07.1997)
yellow ball Laws for the circulation of disabled cars [Italian]
yellow ball Laws for the mobility of disabled [Italian]
yellow ball Laws for Social and Health Care - Siena [Italian]
yellow ball Laws on Volunteers and No-Profit organizations [Italian]
yellow ball EEC laws for mobility [Italian]
yellow ball Laws on homes [Italian]
yellow ball Various laws for disabled [Italian]
yellow ball VAT: aids and cars [Italian]
yellow ball Fish's Proposal for a law for disabled [Italian]
yellow ball Laws on architectural barriers [Italian]
yellow ball Laws for disabled's pensions [Italian]
yellow ball Italian Financial Law for 1998 - Disabilities [Italian]
yellow ball United Nations - A/RES/48/96 - Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities
yellow ball Support Problems in Italian's School new legislation. [Italian]
yellow ball Support Teachers - Activities, News and Laws. [Italian]
yellow ball DPR 633/72 - New VAT for disabled people in Italy (1.10.1997). [Italian]
yellow ball Change in the law for the employment of disabled in Italy. [Italian]
yellow ball Law's draft - Fiscal rationalization in Italy [Italian]
yellow ball Disabled Driving sign [Italian]
yellow ball Italian Law DL 109 modification - Economic evaluation [Italian]
yellow ball Italian Order in Council of Prime Minister - 13 Jan 2000 [Italian]
Act of address and coordination for obliged employment of disabled people, accordingly to art. 1, comma 4, of law 12 march 1999, n. 68
yellow ball Insurance for Volunteers - Proposal for Italian Law [Italian]
yellow ball Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards - Architectural and transportation barriers compliance board - Section 508 USA
yellow ball Fiscal facilities for people with disability [Italian]
small yellow ball Fiscal facilities for people with disability (local copy)
yellow ball Cerebral Palsy

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pink ballLa farfalla dalle ali spezzate (The Butterfly with broken wings) - Author: Vittoria De Marco Veneziano - Book in Italian on a dialogue between a mother and a disabled child [Italian]
pink ballThe non discrimination of the people with disability and the law 67 of 2000 - Author: Raffaello Belli - Book in Italian [Italian]
pink ballBook "21" - Novels from the world of children with Down syndrome [Italian]
pink ballBookstore OrizzonteScuola - School: Handicap - many books on disability and work [Italian]
pink ball Books on disabled at work [Italian]
pink ball"Didactics and Disability: which software ?"
pink ball "Universal Access to Outdoor Recreation" [Inglese]
pink ball Books of the "California State Parks Store" on the accessibility of California State Parks
small pink ball "All Visitors Welcome"
small pink ball "Access To Parks Guidelines"
pink ball Other Books on disabled [Italian]
pink ball"A very special child" [Italian]
pink ball Books on Handicap [Italian]
pink ball Renato Pigliacampo Bibliografy [Italian]
1) Lingua e linguaggio nel sordo, Armando editore, Roma
2) Handicappati e pregiudizi: assistenza-laboro-sessualitą, Armando editore, Roma
3) Il genio negato, Cantagalli ditrice, Siena
4) Il vergaro. Storia di contadini nella terra di Leopardi, Moretti e Vitali, Bergamo
pink ballEdizioni Dossier Manual "Disabili in Viaggio" [Italian]



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